April 2011

Cook, Crack and Eat:Philips Seafood Clam Bake Class

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  Philips Seafood’s Cook, Crack and Eat  Clam Bake Class is held monthly in the Baltimore harbor  and it’s a first-class session adorned with fine wines, delectable appetizers, and, ofcourse, the most scrumptious clam bake in the [...]

April 10 2011:TV on the Radio show

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Amidst all the Pop bands saturating Baltimore’s concert venues, there are a few indie rock bands that highlight great venues like Ramshead Live, The Recher and even The Mariner. For this weekend only, check out TV on the Radio at Ramshead [...]

April 8-10 2011: Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention

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Have you been wanting to get a tattoo for quite awhile? Or do you need advice on how to add more excitement towards  your tiger tattoo that you had since you were a freshman in college? If you are free from April 8-10, come check out B-more’s [...]