Boordy Vineyards: Best winery in all of Maryland

Around mid-November, I decided to pay a visit to Boordy Vineyards so I could sample some of their best reds, whites, and dessert wines. It was a special treat for me since Boordy is my favorite Maryland-based wine. I looked forward to this visit for three or so months and even bothered close friends about how amazing, spectacular and perfect this place was going to be.

When I first visited the location, I was in awe over the spread of land, long lines for wine tasting and with the overall structure of their immediate building designed for guests. Interior doors were constructed to slide open, wooden floors were glossy enough to shine, and there was a spiraling staircase that led guests into this palacial area where they can dine and wine on a wide arrangement of goodies.

Everything was arranged in such a cordial way that I wished I brought my camera that day. There’s not enough words in the English dictionary for me to paint this robust, wonderful and memorable experience I had at this vineyard.

However, I will try my best to recreate it on this blog.  Before I get into my wonderful experience, here’s a bit of their backstory that can be found in fuller detail on their website:

The winery is housed in a 19th century stone barn whose massive walls provide an ideal environment for the production and aging of wine. Rob Deford, who received training in enology at the University of California, Davis manages Boordy with his wife Julie Colhoun Deford.  Boordy currently produces 97,000 gallons of wine annually and cultivates forty acres of grapes in the Long Green Valley (Central Piedmont region) and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western Maryland.

Anyways, I was able to partake in a wonderful selection of wines from their Landmark, Icons of Maryland and Just for Fun series.  For 65 years, Boordy has been crafting the finest regional wines in the east coast and just by sampling their 2010 Chardonnay, I can taste the quality. 

Landmark series

“These handcrafted wines are the finest representations of vintage year, varietal character, the soil of our region and the soul of our winemaker.  Beginning with the 2010 vintage, our Landmark wines are sourced from 100% Maryland grown grapes, principally from Boordy’s estate vineyards.”

Icons of Maryland

“The wines in this series are crafted with food in mind but are friendly enough to enjoy on the porch with friends. Their labels feature original engravings of iconic Maryland wildlife such as the Baltimore Oriole and the Rockfish, and symbolize Boordy’s iconic stature in the history of Maryland winemaking. The grapes from our Icon wines are sourced from within Maryland and from other states.”

Just for Fun

“We offer five wines in a series that express our belief there is always a time & occasion for wine.  As their name suggests, these are sweet party styled wines that may be served over ice, chilled, or warmed for chilly night sipping.”

As was previously aforementioned on this entry, I was humbled to have sampled a little bit of everything from each of Boordy Winery’s series. My taste buds are highly selective and I did have personal favorites that I highly recommend to all Wine-o’s out there. And here they are:

Landmark  Series

Eisling 2009: This was my favorite of this particular series.  It’s a beautifully balanced sweet reisling reserve that compliments several high-end creme brulees, custards, fruit pasteries and soft cheeses. Boordy was able to balance a soft but subtle aroma of orange, honeysuckle and melon into this addictive concotion. It’s so good that there’s only a limited production of 524 cases left. Check out Boordy’s website for more information on this and other wines.

Icons of Maryland

Chambourcin Merlot:  This wine has a medium body, supple residual sweetness and a lovely dark red hue.  It’s aromas of raspberry and cherry accompany the wine’s smooth but tender sweetness. It goes great swedish meatballs, dishes with spicey red sauces, and creamy soft cheeses. Check out Boordy’s website for more information on this and other wines

Just for Fun

Tango Peach: It’s a celebration in your mouth. A kick to the right direction. A great way to commemorate a fun occassion. Which is why Tango Peach is Best of Baltimore Blog’s choice wine.  It’s honeyed aromas of melon, peach and citrus can allure anyone to its tart yet sweet flavor.  If you can’t vacation in  a hot, and summery place this winter. Then crack open this bottle with close girlfriends and have a ball. This website highly recommends it.Check out Boordy’s website for more information on this and other wines

Here you have it, Best of Baltimore Blog’s choice wine and choice vineyard for 2011. Contact Boordy Vineyards if you ever want to visit their lovely vineyards or if you want to order the best riesling this side of the East coast.

By Sherryn Daniel

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