Stevie Boi Presents “54” at this Year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Show

Stevie Boi, world famous eye-shade designer for Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and a slew of other celebs, is back with a new fashion line set ablaze with fierce new glam.


September 7, 2012, Stevie Boi will present “54″ at this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Show.  In this year’s collection be prepared to get whisked away unto a new adventure that will leave you panting for more. Just more!


Stevie Boi’s previous shows ranging from “Toxic” and “Co-exist” merged two different worlds together and skyrocketed the eye-shade scene.


If it weren’t for this maverick, would NYC or even Hollywood know the importance of wearing your sunglasses at night? I doubt they would.


Interested in covering Stevie Boi’s show? Contact his fashion team at:


If you want to buy some urbane shades for yourself, click on this link and get life lessons by following him on Twitter here.


Get ready Fashion week, this year’s show will blow your mind away.


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