Stevie Boi’s “54″ Collection at NYFW: Bold Confidence in Vintage

It’s been two years since I went to Fashion week and A lot has changed since then. Warm, eclectic colors, were the biggest trend back then but now it’s all about leather, spikes and construction worker hats.  Baltimore’s very own eye-shade designer Stevie Boi had a widely successful fashion show  this season and, as usual, created eye-opening trends since he’s a maverick for fearless fashion.

This star studded event, highlighted withVH1 reality stars from Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives LA., was a decadent treat for all attendees, photogs, and fashionista bloggers.  The event, held at the modern n’ trendy Yotel by Time Square, was packed in an organized fashion. Anticipation, glee and curiosity ransacked the room as guests waited around for the big show to unveil itself. Lucky for us, the wait was worth it!

As  you can see above, each model was decked in asymmetrical spikes, bold colored hard hats, and in futuristic spandex garb. Each model unfurled a unique personality that was inimical, tantalizing and wunderbar.

My eyes thirsted for more. Stevie Boi out did himself this year since his studio “54″ line brought back the 70′s without any disco music in sight. This fashion line should, forever, be seared into every trendy dresser’s head since it’s intrepid style imbues a confident stance on being original. Even the ladies of VHI’s Basketball Wives LA( Laura Govan, Jackie Christie, Draya Michele, & Malaysia Pargo) were immersed in Stevie Boi’s visions for a singular tomorrow.

I was lucky enough to be placed right behind them the whole time. I can attest that they were uber excited about Stevie Boi’s glam rock line since I saw it first-hand. Though Stevie Boi revolutionized a new line this season, he did have some assistance from notable designers:  Shay from Haus of Shay (,  Dierdre Wallace of Deefind,Lyssa Honey, and Kyle Brincefield (

The designers we met were down to earth. Their unique insights on the inner workings of fashion were also zen. Overall, Yotel was fired up since it was the place to be for New York Fashion Week.

After you’ve seen Stevie Boi’s 54 line, what do you think about having your very own set ( shades, hat, etc)? If you are interested in purchasing Stevie Boi’s fashion line Or better yet, want to follow the master of fearless fashion on Twitter and Facebook: Please check out the following links!

Stevie Boi

Stevie Boi on Twitter:

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