My Exclusive Interview with Robert L. Hines: Funniest Man in America part 2


Comedian Robert L. Hines, on location in downtown Los Angeles working on a short film that is going to be part of “The President of the United States is a Black Man from Chicago”, a live benefit show for the Obama campaign that Hines and a group of music and comedy performers are preparing for dates in October. In the picture, Hines plays a Chicago street vendor selling “Official” bootleg Obama swag who wants a second term for his hottest selling brand.

In continuation with last week’s interview with Robert L. Hines, funniest man in America, we’re going to delve more into his alter ego Toby Jones. In 2008, Hines portrayed the character Toby Jones in multiple internet spoofs produced by Big Dog Eat Child.  Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage became a viral sensation, and it has also spawned successful releases such as: Jones Cheap ASS Prepaid Legal Services and Daycare AcademyJones Good ASS BBQ and Foot Massage.

If you are an obsessive fan like me, I hope you’ve also seen Hines “Ask Toby”, “Toby’s Voicemails”, and “Legal Retraction & Clarification” videos too? If you haven’t seen these clips, than I truly feel sorry for you. You’re really missing out on something wonderful in your life. Alas, fret not, for I have these clips in my arsenal and am generous enough to share them with you.

Toby Jones Videos

1.) Jones  Cheap Ass Prepaid Legal and Daycare Services.

2.) A Public Statement from Urban Entreprenuer Toby Jones

3.) Ask Toby Jones: Tax Questions

4.) Toby Jones Voicemails ( Real people believed Toby Jones actually exists)

5.) Ask Toby Jones: Where has he been?

I will admit, I’ve seen all of these clips multiple times and I can’t stop laughing. Hines is a comedic genius. The interview detailed below digs deep in to Robert L. Hines inspirations behind the character, where it came from and a big answer to a larger question lingering in everyone else’s minds: Will Robert L. Hines make more Toby Jones clips in the near future?

Q& A with Robert L. Hines, comedian extraordinaire

1.) So, what exactly inspired those Toby Jones videos?

In the Chicago area, especially in urban areas, there were these low budget commercials that were  shot poorly but were highly effective due to there being really funny.  Since starting a business, the legal way, can be expensive there were businessmen in the hood who had to hustle and work with that they have .

Basically, Toby Jones was based on businessmen in the hood who were ferocious and who fought hard to get what they can. Imagine walking to a street corner and hearing, “Sale, sale, sale” everywhere you turn.  And  these businessmen would create these urban entrepreneur commercials that were cheaply done but  were highly effective since they would stick into people’s minds.

Due to the popularity of these commercials, the production team [Chicago sketch comedy group]  Big dog eat child, were looking for someone to star in these spoofs they concocted based on the commercials that they’ve seen. They picked me because I picked up on the humor and got the job done.

2.) Is Toby Jones based on a true story?

Nope.  But there’s a lot of people out there who think he’s real, all around the world. You know that youtube clip showcasing all of those voicemails from interested customers? The people on that youtube clip believe Toby Jones is real and really want his service.

3.) Was it a real dinosaur in that one video Jones Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage?

No! It’s a man in a dinosaur suit ( In a Toby R. Jones voice). Ramiro, one of founding brothers [Ramiro and Pedro Castro] of Big Dog Eat Child of  is in that suit.

4.) Do people recognize you from the Toby Jones skits?

Absolutely! I have been stopped in airports, restaurants, and everywhere else. People recognize me and want to take pictures on the spot. I was on the set for a Toby Keith music video for his “Clancy’s Bar” release earlier this summer. I was doing a small part playing Elmo the cook, and a member of the crew recognized me. Several people wanted to take pictures with me to show their friends.  [cross your fingers for a release of the video’s later this year]

5.) What is your weirdest fan request or encounter due to those Toby Jones skits?

I’ve got numerous baby daddy requests of course. Since I am a lawabiding citizen, I couldn’t follow through with this one high school girl’s request. She wanted to store her Geometry teacher in the Jones Big Ass Storage Facility. I told her that as long as there’s no murder involved and if she didn’t  expect me to kill a person, it could happen.

6.) Have you traveled across the U.S?

I’ve been all over. I’ve performed all over the U.S. and have even done comedy shows in Germany, Japan, Korea and Amsterdam. One of my most strangest experiences was traveling around Montana and seeing real cows. The cows in Montana look delicious– real meaty and strong looking.  Looking at those cows made me real hungry.

7.)Will you ever make more Toby Jones clips? Please.. Pretty Please….!!!!!

YES!!!  We have several of them in the works. Since I live in Los Angelas now, we’re developing a top secret project that will up the ante on the Toby Jones brand. It will come out soon, don’t worry.

The kindest sentiment Robert Hines said, after the interview, was “I hope your blog becomes the next “Huffington Post”. Well, I hope so too 🙂 I know that Hines is going to make it big soon. His Toby Jones videos, stand-up routines as a correctional officer and newer political shows are going to keep people talking across the nation–even the world.

In the meantime, the best way to assuage your Toby Jones withdrawals is to check him out October 12th in downtown Los Angelas, California.  On the rooftop of Icon, a really glamorous nightclub across the street from the Staples Center. If you are a fan of President Obama, this is where you have to be. Robert L. Hines is going to unleash new material including a couple full-on of musical production numbers, that will help unify at least the Democrats for the upcoming election.

If you can’t catch Hines show in October, then maybe you can catch it near you in the future. The show may spread across the U.S., hopefully continuing on to Chicago due to high demand of Hines comedic genius. 


Did you know that Robert has a Facebook page AND a Wikipedia page too? Feel free to connect with him on “them Inter-webs”

Robert L. Hines Social Media

1.) Robert’s Facebook Page

2.) Official Website

3.) Twitter

4.) Wikipedia

If you are politically inclined, and a strong progressive, then this is the song for you. Robert L. Hines sings the lead in this humorous song called ” Flip Flop’N & Lyin’ ”  which celebrates GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan’s tendencies to flip-flop on the issues and stray from the facts. Check it out!

Mitt Romney : Flip Flop N’ Lyin


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