Jason Baustin: Exclusive Interview with Premiere Baltimore Director

Jason Baustin collage

As of recent, I had this unique opportunity to interview Jason Baustin, acclaimed director of “On Top” which was filmed in the Baltimore area. We met up at Adega Wine Cellars & Cafe in downtown Silver Spring, and had a wonderful time. Aside from Walter Emanuel Jones ( Original Black Power Ranger), I found this interview to be enlightening, fun and in true Baltimore fashion, down to earth. Baustin is real, kind and easy to chat with.

Q& A with Jason Baustin

1.) What have you been up to recently?

    I recently released “On Top” in October and had a Twitter  Q& A, and around the same time, even launched a company website. I’ve also worked on a lot of music videos, like with Devin White, and he has a lot of traction building up. Quite frankly, the biggest thing, as of now, is releasing this short film and with branding myself. Now that it’s all over, i’m using this time to reflect. I’m trying to partner with the indie film industry here in Baltimore and I want the one in the D.C area to grow more.  I’m also a big advocate for the film industry in the DMV area since I enjoy helping people reach their full potential.

2.)Why did you want to get into the film industry?

I always enjoyed watching films with my Dad, as a kid. Films always gave me a great feeling , whenever I watched them and have oft-times inspired me to want to create something that made other people feel a certain way.

3.) What other Baltimore-Centric Films have you done?

“Gone Forever” took place in Baltimore. Most of the homes that were centered in the film, were from Baltimore, like Fells Point. The homes had a strong beauty about them and sheer elegance that was easily shone on screen. The movie was about a newlywed couple who went through a terrible accident, and in the process, the husband is haunted by the wife’s untimely demise. Besides the storyline, the elegance of the homes exemplified the elegance of the film.

4.) What do you love most about Baltimore?

The talent in Baltimore is more creative than the district and they are a lot more open. All of the people I wanted to work with are from there. The more I go there, the more I like it. Baltimore has a good dynamic of elegance and real grit. I also want to try Bertha’s Mussels since I love mussels.

5.) How did your college experiences at American University shape your work? My college experiences helped me grow. I was undeclared for two years and saw that you can major in film/arts. I didn’t like parts of school since I felt forced to learn things but ever since I learned about this degree, I loved learning more. I learned valuable networking skills, how to brand and how to fine-tune my film making skills in college. I’m thankful for those experiences since boosted me in the right direction.

6.) Who would you love to work with in the future?

    I love Daron Aronofsky’s work. He did “The Wrestler”, “Requiem for a Dream”, and “Black Swan”. His films are so deep, dramatic and dark. It’s the kind of films I wanted to make.  Daron, if you are reading this: Hire me!

7.) What are your you working on currently?

Currently, I’m making a fashion documentary on the D.C landscape and we’re interviewing locals on the D.C fashion scene. There’s work but not a lot since D.C has a stigma for political and conservative fashion. I’m the photographer and editor for this film. We’re hoping to premiere this Spring at our own premiere!

8.) Can fans like you on Facebook or keep in touch?



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