Multimedia Sketch Comedy Show “YOU WILL KNOW” at Center Stage!

youwillknow_hefe-1 “You Will Know” is a multi-versatile show held at Center Stage for one night only on January 26, 2013.  Essentially, the show is about the brighter side of unemployment and that message is amplified through live theater, film and music.

This comedy sketch show  explores the challenges of joblessness through fourteen distinct characters. This original play is  written and produced by first-time playwright Michal Roxie Johnson and theater veteran Walter J. Slowe III, will mix live theater, film and music created in partnership with Triumphant Music Group Studios.

Tickets for this performance can be purchased beginning December 21, 2012 at the Centerstage box office located at 700 N. Calvert Street Baltimore, MD or online at

The cast includes Johnson and Slowe who play main characters Raina and Justin, respectively.  Through a series of comedic sketches, the cast showcases how they deal with unemployment and find strength in the freedom it provides.  The filmed portions of the show are complemented by local talent including filmmaker/ actress, Honour McClellan of 11th Hr Productions, filmmaker/ actor, Frankie Jones of Frankie Jones Enterprise, “One Song” actor, Eric Johnson, Kathleen Williams from improv troupes Doomhilda and Girls Night Out, award-winning photographer Ryan “Rarah” Stevenson and a host of other local talent.

After losing her job, Johnson attended “Mindset Behind the Money,” a workshop that was moderated by world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. This divine encounter inspired Johnson to follow her life passions which included writing a play.  Johnson quickly teamed up with playwright Slowe, who had also lost his job, and together they decided to use their personal experience as the subject of the play. Johnson hopes that what she and Slow jokingly refer to as “Les Brown Theater” will serve to inspire, encourage and comfort others.

AMillionMees Productions, LLC is a production company creating entertainment for film, stage and web.


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