Hollywood Comes to Maryland

Step Up was filmed in Baltimore, at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Step Up was filmed in Baltimore, at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Less than two weeks away, the 85th Academy Awards will honor the year’s most memorable cinematic moments filmed in domestic and exotic locations across the globe. What better time than now to encourage  the exploration of Maryland and some of its signature filming spots, all within close proximity to one another?

Playing host to big-budget blockbusters to independent arts flicks, Maryland offers residents and visitors a unique opportunity to stroll through the streets, halls, and other locations, forever captured on in more than 100 productions, such as:

Game Change

The HBO movie surrounding John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate in the 2008 presidential election was filmed primarily in Maryland. Said HBO President of Films Len Amato, “That’s what really attracts us to Maryland – the state, Governor O’Malley’s office, the Maryland Film Office and the Department of Business and Economic Development make you feel welcome and help you get the project made the way it should be made.”

Better Living Through Chemistry

Established A-listers including Ray Liotta, Same Rockwell, and Olivia Wilde all star in this Annapolis-based independent film set for release later this year. Jane Fonda, who had a cameo role, noted “Who knew how utterly charming it is.” The movie uses frequent shots of the Maryland State House, which was converted to a drug store for the film.

 House of Cards

A political drama starring Kevin Spacey, this Netflix-released television series were filmed in Harford County and along the streets of Havre de Grace.·

 The Replacements

Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman star in this sports comedy, which was filmed in M&T Bank Stadium and around the Baltimore Harbor.

  Wedding Crashers

Talbot County’s St. Michaels, Md., played a prominent role in this star-studded 2005 comedy featuring Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Rachel McAdams. In fact, theWoodwind II, an Annapolis schooner used in the movie, is still available for public cruises during sailing season. Cast and crew even stayed at the Inn at Perry Cabin.

Information was brought to you from  the Maryland Office of Tourism.



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