Roswell FM : Exclusive Interview with Brendan Fehr

roswell fm

Do you believe in aliens? I know the oddball characters who request to share alien abduction stories do from Roswell FM.  Roswell FM is an indie film based off of Roswell, New Mexico that stars Jason London as the eccentric yet humerous Kurt Buzlerd, and Brendan Fehr as the steady protagonist Jay Rathbone.

Primarily, the movie is about the only normal guy (Brendan Fehr as Jay Rathbone) at a paranormal talk radio station quits his dream profession and takes a higher paying, but soul crushing job, to pay for his oddball nephew’s college tuition.  In fact, here’s a vibrant trailer straight from the movie!

This singular comedy has stretches of dry humor, out-of-the-ordinary scenarios, and light-hearted moments shared between the lead and many of  his zany radio guests.

brendan fehr

A few months back, I had the rare opportunity to do a phone interview with Brendan Fehr. I assure you, this interview is the pinnacle of my blogging career. Brendan Fehr, who played Michael Gueren on the defunct alien show “Roswell,” was much larger than life when I was in middle school.

Not only was “Roswell” my most fave show of all time but Brendan’s character always made me LOL, especially during season 3 when his character obsessed over Snapple. The experience was unnerving since  I felt like a 12-year-old girl on the phone. I had to remind myself, on innumerable occasions, that  i’m an adult after all. So I couldn’t inundate him with “Roswell” questions: Though I sneaked in two, hee-hee.

Before the interview, I had a brief meeting with a premier gourmet food company in downtown Silver Spring. Since the meeting extended passed my  phone interview deadline, I vamoosed into CakeLove–the acclaimed cupcake store owned by Warren Brown, from Food Network’s “Sugar Rush.“–and ensconced myself into the back corridors for some peace and quiet.

Inside, I steadied my hands, face and body before I dialed Brendan Fehr. Ugh! I was such a nervous wreck. Anyways, below are select questions from the interview that I hope will intrigue you.

Brendan Fehr Q+ A

SD: So Brendan, I was wondering if you still get recognized from your past days as “Michael Gueren” from “Roswell”

BF: Yeah, I still do get recognized every once in awhile. More so on the East Coast than on the West Coast. Like, I get recognized a lot in New York City for playing the character but I get more recognition for my character on CSI: Miami on golf courses in the West Coast. It surprises me but I do get a fair amount of recognition. 

SD: Do you still keep in touch with cast members from “Roswell”? 

Umm.. a little bit. I definitely keep in touch with Nick ( Actor Nick Wechsler, played Kyle Valenti, currently plays Jack Porter on “Revenge”). We both have a mutual friend so we’re always in contact. I went to his last birthday party and we had a great time reconnecting. Since i’m married, and he’s a single bachelor, it’s hard for both of us to consistently see each other. 

Now Katie (Actress Katherine Heigl, played Isabel Evans, Golden Globe winner) is someone I don’t see too often. It’s infrequent but I can easily call her up for dinner parties. Our kids even had a few play dates recently and it was great catching up with her whenever we see each other.

Often times I run into Shiri ( Actress Shiri Appleby, played Liz Parker,  Dating Rules from My Future Self) at auditions and we say hello. But we both don’t have each other’s phone numbers. 

SD: Do you keep in contact with anyone else from the show??

 BF:I pretty much don’t keep in contact with anyone else. However, since we’re all in the same industry, we would all chat if we see each other. Think about it, we’ve been on this show for 3 years and during that time, strong bond forms due to the grind. 

SD: Considering you’re in a movie called “Roswell FM” will there be any Sci Fi elements in this movie?

BF: Ofcourse! I mean, it takes place in Roswell, New Mexico. There is obviously some Sci Fi elements and viewers definitely see it when it comes to the radio station scenes.

SD:  Your new film “Roswell FM” is about the only normal guy at a paranormal talk radio station quitting his dream job for one that pays better. Tell us more about the plot?

 BF: I play Jay Rathbone who holds a show about paranormal sightings. He often finds himself comfortable with headphones and with telephones than being in real life. He excels more at being a radio jockey than at partaking in real life interactions. He’s a very logical character who has the ability to talk to believers about paranormal stuff yet doesn’t believe any of it. He’s not judging anyone but appreciates different beliefs.  Jay enjoys the company, albeit on-radio, and respects the people who tune in. This movie has well-defined characters that highlight these quirky traits.

SD:  How was it like working with Jason London?

 BF: He’s the best guy in the movie. I play the straight man, the linchpin, and he plays the goofy guy. We get along fabulously! We hang out often too, outside the set, since he’s a really cool guy.  Jason London is a well known actor and he has a high level of success based on the movies he’s done. Based on that and how the media portrays him, I had a preconceived notion about him. I assumed, prior to meeting him, that he would be off-the-wall and arrogant but quite the opposite happened. He’s very down to earth and nice. He’s not worthy of all this tabloid fodder and I was surprised by how cool he is. 

You really should see this movie since he’s hysterical in it. He’s not so much funny but the character he plays is hysterical. The stuff he was doing onscreen was believable and didnt come across as  being cool or dorky. I know none of us will win awards for this movie  but I believed that Jason London really was Kurt Buzleworth.

SD: Does the movie compare in any way with your experience as an alien on “Roswell.”

BF: NOOO!!!!! No, No, No!! They are so different to begin with. I seriously begged them to change the name of the movie because of that. Both the movie and Roswell are like night and day. Super different, no similarities whatsoever.

SD: LOL!  Since Roswell F.M is a comedy, what kind of humor should we expect?

 BF: Ummmmm! I don’t know. I think it’s a little bit of everything. The comedy arises from situations and it’s all about the reaction and personalities shown on screen. To put it bluntly, it’s a real comedy without those punchlines and the humor arises from quirky compatibility. The characters make the movie and it’s pretty enjoyable where you get to be a fly on the wall viewing it all come to play.

SD: Is there a deeper message behind the film?

BF: No, I don’t think so.  The overall message of the movie is about belonging and having a sense of responsibility. The movie is not a life changer but a straight comedy we made for people to unwind and enjoy themselves with.

SD: Is this film based on a true story?

BF: NO! I’m sure there are radio stations out there and it’s inspired by those people. It’s not inspired, per se, by anyone in particular. 

SD: Do you like doing comedies? Will you do more in the future?

BF: What kind of question is that?? Ofcourse I like comedies, why wouldn’t I??

SD: I’m sorry Brendan! I read up that you mainly do drama films. So why is that?

BF: Oh! Well, I do jobs that I get selected for since this is my career. I do like comedies, drama and a little action. I guess i’m more into dramatic action.

SD: I see, so you like dramedies?

BF: hahahah! dramedies? Wow! I’ve never heard of that before. I guess I am into that, yes. 

( So, this lowly blogger made Brendan Fehr laugh. I guess she can die a happy girl)

SD: So you’ve been amazing with all of these questions. Again thank you for answering each one. Now my last question is something out of the blue but I hope it rings true for you.

BF: Okay, sure. What is it?

SD: Do you still love Metallica? If so, what is your fave album?

BF: I CERTAINLY STILL DO LOVE METALLICA!! I don’t know if I have a favorite album since it switches back and forth. I’m currently enthralled with their Beyond Magnetic EP since it was so much better than anything else i’ve heard. I’m very much excited about their next album. Can’t hardly wait!!

SD: Any last words?

BF: I seriously can’t think of any now. It’s a small movie and I hope people enjoy it since it’s funny.

After interviewing Brendan, I really wanted to watch the movie. I hope it comes to the Washington D.C/Maryland/ Virginia area soon. If it does, I am totally having a movie party.

Interested in learning more about Roswell FM? Check out their website here, and like them on Facebook here.

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