Toby Jones is Back: And Ready to Do Business!

My favorite human being, Toby Jones, is back and becoming a big-wig Hollywood big-shot! He’s acting, directing and getting interns to do his dirty work. Please watch and share this Youtube clip! His humor speaks volumes.

Toby Jones, a highly sought after Urban entrepreneur, sells prepaid legal services, semi-free storage, and Good Ass BBQ and Foot massages. Not only are his business ventures unique but they seem to tap into interesting demographics.

In addition, if you love to go on Facebook and love to partake in witty banter, I HIGHLY recommend you add him as a friend on Facebook right here. His statuses illicit hard guffaw moments out of me! I kid you not, he’s hilarious on so many different mediums!

Comment below what you think of his clips and if you love him (like I do) consider buying a shirt from him right here.

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