Stevie Boi Presents X2SEA at New York Fashion Week Feb 2014

(All pictures are courtesy of acclaimed eye-shade designer Stevie Boi)

Celebrity eye-shade designer, soon-to-be-author, and visionary, Stevie Boi, had a resplendent fashion show this month. His newest line, X2SEA, showcased a convection of colorful shades, with incandescent hues, that can only be imagined by the Willy Wonka of eye-shades, himself.

Courtesy of Stevie Boi

Stevie Boi’s newest fashion line was inspired primarily by his recent travels to the Virgin Islands. His tranquil respite overseas can easily be reflected with these colorful gemstones accruing atop the eye-wear, especially on the right-hand side. The shades surrounded with the white crystals remind of the white, pristine beaches one can find serenity when vacationing on the Virgin Islands. I am sure the artist, himself, has a more wondrous story behind each shade though.

Courtesy of Stevie Boi

Paintings, like eye-wear, embody the mind and the soul of the creator behind them. Based on the vibrant shades I see, Stevie Boi had an incredible trip, since he is able to champion unique designs and work masterfully with colors—a task that’s not an easy feat for many.

Stevie Boi is featured, in an expressive yellow shirt, in the middle.

Stevie Boi is featured, in an expressive yellow shirt, in the middle.

Did you know that Stevie Boi designed shade for Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ album? His shades have been worn by Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Dev, Snookie, Amber Rose, Fergie and MANY MORE!

If you want to impress friends at the club, party or your next rendezvous, check out his newest shades at his online store right here.

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