Amy Jo Johnson: The Space Between & Fan Responses

Amy Jo Johnson, acclaimed filmmaker, actress and songstress is working on her first feature length film titled The Space Between. Her previous films Bent and Lines made waves at notable award shows and at film festivals across North America last and this year. Her strong vision and quirky direction both garnered her esteem in the filmmaking industry and created a stronger fan base via employing engaging Indiegogo campaigns. For instance, it’s not every day your childhood hero will sing you a personalized song on YouTube and send you private memorabilia from the greatest childhood show ever (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, of course).

Knowing this and also knowing how Best of Baltimore Blog fans love Johnson as an actress, we selected questions straight from her fans to personally answer. Ironically enough, Amy Jo was kind enough to answer one fan’s marriage proposal as well as give us the inside scoop on whether or not she would be in the new Power Rangers movie coming out next year.

We also have her behind the scenes thoughts on her early years on Power Rangers, her choice between Ben or Noel from Felicity, as well as an in-depth analysis on her current film in the making The Space Between.

Courtesy of Mike Sutta

Courtesy of Mike Sutta


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Best Of Baltimore: It’s been rumored that you did all of your own stunts on the show during your stint. So why didn’t you use a body or stunt double on the show?

Amy Jo: Well, that rumor is wrong. I did do a lot of my own stunts but we did have an amazing stunt team on set as well. It was so long ago, but I remember a girl named Stella that was pretty awesome.

Best Of Baltimore:If you can go back to the show right now, what would you change about it?

Amy Jo: Oh jeez… nothing. It is what it was ? It was a great experience and I wouldn’t change a thing. Besides probably having been in a UNION!

Best Of Baltimore::Your role on Power Rangers inspired young girls across the world to be strong, confident, and to go after their dreams in life. With this in mind, how do you feel you have impacted today’s female millennials?

Amy Jo: I don’t think I really realize how much my role inspired young girls. BUT if Kimberly did then I am so proud and happy to be a part of that.

Best Of Baltimore: Did you get any behind the scenes experiences when you were on Power Rangers? Did that help you with your current directorial debut and with producing, writing, and directing your previous short films?

Amy Jo: I think the behind the camera experience I had on Power Rangers was my training ground for onset etiquette for the rest of my career. I made so many mistakes on set and learned many hard lessons.

Questions directly from fans

Chris Bernardes: What did you honestly think of the show itself?

Amy Jo: At the time, I thought it was a silly kids show with really bad special effects. Now I think that it was a pretty awesome kids show that affected many people in a positive way.

Joey Tran:  Will you make an appearance in the new Power Ranger’s movie?

Amy Jo: Joey, I would if they asked. 😉

Greg Schneider: What was it like knowing you were every elementary school boy’s crush?

 Amy Jo: I don’t think I knew that until recently and then Greg I don’t really like to think too hard about what that actually means. Ha!

David Covington: Out of your whole career, what has turned out to be the most rewarding experience?

Amy Jo: The most rewarding experience has been making films as a writer/ director. Becoming a filmmaker gives me so much joy! I can’t even explain it.

Matt Dilingham: Can I marry you?  Also, what were some of your biggest challenges before, during and after Power Rangers and how did you overcome those challenges?

Amy Jo: Matt I’m not allowed to have more than one husband here in Canada, so no. It was a good challenge after Power Rangers to find work. To be taken seriously as an actor. I say “a good challenge” because I wasn’t taken seriously, and needed to go back to classes and work on the basics. The year I left Power Rangers I spent working my butt off on my craft.


Best Of Baltimore: If you were Felicity would you have chosen Ben or Noel?

Amy Jo: Hmmm? The 20- something- me would have chosen Be. The “me” now would choose Noel for obvious reasons. 😉

Best Of Baltimore: How have your experiences with the show shaped your role as an award-winning film maker?

Amy JoI was very blessed to be on Felicity and work with such amazing filmmakers. We had some pretty top-notch people come through that set.

Best Of Baltimore: Were you a fan of Kerri Russell’s short hairdo back in the day? Did you think that her haircut “jumped the shark”?

Amy Jo: Ha! No… Kerri cutting her hair was not like Fonzie jumping sharks on Happy Days.  THAT’S SO FUNNY! I thought she wore it well AND, if you remember, Julie left the show at the exact same time. Just saying– Ha! Just kidding.

Best Of Baltimore: As a singer, how was your exposure on the show helpful to your musical career?

Amy Jo: Music has always been a hobby for me. BUT the exposure I had as a musician on the show was incredible and certainly inspired me to play in L.A. at some pretty awesome historic venues like The Viper Room and The Whisky.

Best Of Baltimore: Why did you leave the show after a few seasons? We all loved you!!

Amy Jo: Well, my mother had died the year before and I just needed to go breathe and I did just that in Chicago where I recorded TAT. In hindsight I never would have left the show

Best Of Baltimore:If Felicity had a reunion, would you do it?


Covert Affairs

Best Of Baltimore:Did your previous experience with Flashpoint prepare you for your current role on Covert Affairs?

Amy Jo: I don’t think anything could prepare me for my role on Covert Affairs! Let’s just say I did a bit of fasting before those bedroom scenes. YIKES!  It was a super fun experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Best Of Baltimore: Tell us more about your role and the dynamic you have with the cast?

Amy Jo: It was a great time and Chris Gorham couldn’t be more of a gentleman. Piper was a very cool chick as well. I’ve always loved her, so it was a pleasure to finally meet and work with her.

Best Of Baltimore: What are your predictions for next season?

Amy Jo: No idea!


The Space Between

Best Of Baltimore: What inspired you to write and direct The Space Between?

Amy Jo: The Space Between is a departure from my first short film BENT. The characters and storyline was inspired from this short, but it is not a sequel.

Best Of Baltimore: How much are you planning to raise on this year’s Indiegogo campaign?

 Amy Jo: Our Indiegogo campaign will launch October. 19th at 6:00 pm ET. We will be campaigning for 35 days and hope to raise $75,000. COME JOIN US!! Lots of amazing perks!!

Best Of Baltimore: I noticed in your previous short films BENT and Lines that you always play the character “Amelia” in them. For this full-length film, are you playing a similar character?

Amy Jo: I know I keep doing that! It’s like a weird alter ego. As of now, in The Space Between, Amelia does appear.

Best Of Baltimore: Will this film have characters overcoming insecurities like in your previous short films BENT and Lines?

 Amy JoYES, The Space Between tackles many hard topics like infertility and maternal grief and it also deals with the epidemic problem young people seem to be facing these day such as lack of self-love.

Best Of Baltimore: How is the chemistry like between Sonya Salomaa’s character and with Michael Cram’s character in the film?

Amy Jo: They starred in Shooting Blanks, which is a seven-minute prequel to The Space Between that sets up the story and tone of the feature film. This was a great experience and allowed me to really see Michael and Sonya’s chemistry. They work wonderfully together.

Best Of Baltimore: In your previous short films, youth and reliving youth seems to be a common theme. Will this new film explore this topic further?

Amy Jo: The main point for all the characters is to grow up. It really is a coming of age film at 40!

Best Of Baltimore: Why does the character “Mitch” feel the need to search for the child’s biological father?

Amy Jo:He had no idea that the child was not his own. At the opening of the film he learns this and is so rocked by the news that he sets forth to to find forgiveness.

Best Of Baltimore: Do you see yourself paving the way for future Canadian directors?

Not sure about that BUT I am inspired by many Canadian directors!

Amy Jo Johnson campaign


Amy Jo’s Indiegogo campaign for The Space Between started October 19, 2014 and has been gaining strong traction online. If you are an Amy Jo fan support strong directors with a vivid vision, AND want to receive perks such as personalized songs, art AND Power Rangers memorabilia please head on over to this link: and support her campaign.  The campaign will run for 35 days! Be the impetus behind The Space Between and check it out today.



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