New York Fashion Week: Stevie Boi Outshines With X2SEA Line

In the realm of eye-shade fashion, Stevie Boi reigns supreme. His iconic glasses can be seen on Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album, and on the faces of acclaimed stars like Snooki, Beyonce, Rihanna and even, the Goddess of Pop, Madonna, herself.

Sherryn stevie boi and sion

Stevie Boi’s latest collection titled “X2SEA” was inspired by his recent trip St. Thomas Virgin Islands. The vibrant prints, and illustrious colors adorned on each shade reminds him of the islands.  As you can see above, the pearly white gems encircled around Sion’s glasses, and the wavy blues and greens adorned around my shades, pull in the sandy beaches and the magnetic waves of the beach.

My friend Sion and I were mesmerized by Stevie Boi’s ingenuity over his handiwork, as well as his humble nature when we saw him face to face. He’s very kind and gracious to everyone he meets. Speaking of Stevie Boi, his show wowed onlookers, press, and celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg.

Stevie Boi models 3

In the realm of high-end fashionistas, the models wore candied frocks that sparkled and sizzled the runway. Naturally, the glasses brought out the inner fierceness in contrast with the model’s garments. If Alice and Wonderland was a tale of sexy models who wear delicious  electric-colored glasses that easily transports them into a magical land, that would pretty sum up my experience at Stevie Boi’s X2Sea show at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show.

Like a fine, vintage, wine, Stevie Boi only gets better every year. If you want to make a fashionable entrance at a party, or, better yet, feel like an A-lister— Check out Stevie Boi’s Online Store Here:

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